I am an Italian architect from Milan, Italy.  I began my work in the field of architecture working for Rodolfo Dordoni.  My practice continued for six years at the studio of Federica Zanuso,  occasionally collaborating for Marco Zanuso.

In 1993 I moved to Durham, North Carolina where I taught Italian at Duke University for four years.  I began working in the field of American architecture in 1997 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A move to Fayetteville, Arkansas led me to a position at Crafton Tull and Associates in Rogers, Arkansas, where I worked for almost ten years on a variety of commercial architecture projects.   In 2009 I established my own enterprise as a private designer.

My expertise is specifically in the field of efficient space utilization.  My unique vision comes from both having been raised in Europe, where living space is limited, and having lived in the United States for the past twenty years.  I have developed a unique set of skills to design and plan residential housing and commercial buildings that are both functional and beautiful while still economizing on space. 

Being LEED certified, my projects display craftsmanship in the composition with an emphasis on sustainable design.


                       Expertise in residential space planning and European Design


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